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Las Vegas......Continued

Las Vegas Night Life with The Travel Factory Las Vegas Night Life with The Travel Factory

Last week we talked a little about the sports environment that was being relied on to help with the entertainment package available in Las Vegas. Trust me, that's just one piece of the entertainment opportunities that visitors can enjoy.

One of the big draws is the shows and nightlife experience available. Even though Celine Dion has left the stage, there are still plenty of opportunities to see Britney Spears, Dionne Warwick, Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera, not to mention all the Country and Western entertainers who are finding an audience in Vegas. Plus there are some really good comedians that frequent the showrooms, not to mention my favorite, Terry Fator. One of the suggestions on purchasing a ticket to one of these shows is to go to one of the ticket booths on the Strip and you might be able to get a half-priced ticket at the last minute.

Last year, 42 million visitors traveled to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau reported that the city experienced a weekend occupancy rate of 95 percent!! That is why when someone comes in and asks “when is the best time to go to Las Vegas?”, we will always tell them that if you are looking at the time when the hotel prices are not so high, go during the week, not the weekends. The average visitors trip to Vegas is 3.5 nights, and that's about the same average that we sell to our guests from Abilene. According to the LVCVB, the average age of the Las Vegas visitor is 44 years old.

There are a couple of cost considerations that one has to remember when determining the cost of the trip that aren't always visible when planning the trip. One of them is what is referred to as “resort fees”. All hotels in major cities are doing this. These are charges every night to cover “free wi-fi”, phone charges, newspaper, security, and anything else they might dream up. These fees are not included in the air, hotel and transfer packages that can be purchased. I've argued with them with the response that I have a cell phone and don't need a phone in the room, I don't read the newspaper, and won't be using the wi-fi, but that doesn't make any difference, I still have to pay the “resort fee”.

Another cost consideration is if you are driving to Las Vegas, where are you going to park? Several of the hotels do have parking garages, but the per day cost gets pretty steep. Some have parking lots that are free, but you've got to walk a mile to/from the hotel.

Generally the thought is that if someone is going to Vegas, they are going because of all the gambling activity available. Well, that is true, but beside the gambling, fabulous dining opportunities, and entertainment activities available, there are other attractions to keep one busy. Consider Circus Circus for the kids, the wax museum Madam Tussands, Ripley's Believe It or Not, the rides at the Stratosphere and New York-New York, the Eye, and the M&M store. Not to mention just a short drive to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

If you have never been to Vegas, it's an eye-opener, and if you've been before, trust me, it has changed. Every couple of years it seems that city does a “make-over” and there is remodeling and building new ones somewhere all the time......that's the reason conventions keep coming back.

Contact the experienced travel advisors at The Travel Factory who have had a lot of opportunities to help travelers navigate this popular destination. We can be found at 4150 Southwest Drive, or call us at 698-1421. We would love to give you our best shot!!!

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