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Join The Travel Factory Gang in 2021

Join-The-Travel-Factory-Gang-in-2021-in-the-Holy-Land Join The Travel Factory Gang in 2021 in the Holy Land

For close to 30 years, we have planned and taken groups on various trips around the world.....and EVERYONE is invited!!! For lack of a more imaginative name, we just named our group “The Travel Factory Gang”.

We enjoyed the Holy Land tour this past March, and was on one of the last planes to leave Tel Aviv before Covid-19 interrupted travel all over the globe. As a result, all our “Gang” trips for 2020 have had to cancel, so we are getting antsy to get back into the “traveling swing”!!

Planned for next March 11-20, 2021 is another great tour opportunity to travel again to theHoly Land.....sixth time!!! We have Pastor Stan Allcorn and our guide, Mike Tahhan booked to help with this fantastic experience, walking where Jesus walked. Everyone's invited!!!!

One of the more popular cruise experiences we have enjoyed over the years is the cruise of the Hawaiian Islands. Our sixth group is scheduled to take in paradise on May 22-29, 2021. We will be on Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America. It is the only ship that has permission from Hawaii and the U. S. Government to cruise the islands on a weekly basis. One of the greatest result of this is that the guests get to see all the islands and unpack only once and repack only once to return home. Another result is that they get to spend a lot of time exploring the islands, because they cruise only at night and are in port all day. In fact, they overnight in both Maui and Kauai, so the guests have two days to explore on each of those beautiful locations. Beside all that, the food is great, the entertainment package is comparable to any other cruise line, and it has been our experience that the service is quite good. NCL currently has a great air promotion and if booked early enough before they pull the promotion, the air from DFW to Honolulu is only $399 a person.,......and you also get the drink package, the wi-fi, the dining package at one of their specialty restaurants, and credit on shore excursions on each island. Heck of a deal!!!....but a quick decision is necessary. Deposit only $250!!!

One of the most popular cruise experiences designed by Viking Ocean Cruises is the British Isles Explorer. We have a “Gang” group scheduled on a brand new ship, the Venus, departing London on August 9-23, 2021—a 15-day trip making stops in Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and ending up in Bergen, Norway. Of course, Viking is noted for their price to include excursions in every port, beer and wine with lunch and dinner, and unlimited wi-fi. Viking boasts that this itinerary is one of the top two most popular, so it is also imperative that you call and reserve a stateroom on this fabulous trip.

Probably the most popular river cruise itineraries is the Rhine River between Amsterdam and Basel, Switzerland. We've had “Gang” groups on two of these, and will never get tired of seeing the outstanding sights along the way. Our dates on one of their longships in '21 are November 13-20, just in time as most of the locations are getting arranged for the Christmas markets. Consider this one for what many have considered their favorite river cruise ever.

On all our “Gang” trips, we have monthly newsletters and a pre-cruise dinner party, so you will be fully informed and energized before we go. Consider one, or all three, and give us a call at 325-698-1421. or toll-free 800-760-4040. Better still, drop by for a visit at 4150 Southwest Drive, and we'll introduce you to a “trip of a lifetime” on any one of them!!! 

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