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Traveling Solo

Travelling-Solo-with-The-Travel-Factory Traveling Solo with the Travel Factory

Recently there has been a noticeable hue and cry in the travel trades regarding traveling alone. No doubt the media reports of the negative activities in the Dominican Republic and resorts in other Caribbean islands has stirred the conversation.

I'm not certain how many of our listeners might be traveling solo, but we do have a blog on our website that covers several more audiences. Occasionally we will get someone to come in to plan a resort or cruise vacation as a single. Most of the time they are aware that the costs escalate for the single traveler because the hotels, tour operators, and cruise lines hike the price for the singles. The reason, of course, is that the price they set is a price per person, based on two persons traveling together, so the single has to pay the cost for the “other person”, less the tax.

When researching this topic on the web, there are many suggestions about traveling safely alone, most of them directed to females. And most of the suggestions are common sense, which often disappears when we travel.

One tip is to stay connected. Let co-workers know your itinerary and leave your cell phone with them. Also, if you don't have it already, get the cell phone number of that co-worker or a close friend who knows where you are going and when you are supposed to return.

Another idea, especially if you are traveling outside the United States, is to make a copy of your passport and have it in your luggage in case your passport gets stolen. Another good practice when you are in another country is to keep your passport locked up in the safety deposit box in your room. It might be a good idea to leave a copy of that passport with a co-worker who knows that you'll be gone.

It's a good tip to also have your cash in a couple of places, you never know when something might happen that was unplanned, and if they took all the cash you had on you, at least you had a “backup”.

Wherever you are traveling, don't be flashy with your jewellery or accessories. Leave all the “good stuff” at home.

One of the things I have done when in a foreign country where I don't speak or read the language, is to make sure I have a calling card of the hotel in which I am staying. Not being familiar with my surroundings, and being directionally challenged, then armed with the address and phone number of the hotel will help in getting back to my room.

And, as I tell everyone who is traveling, anywhere, even here in aware of your surroundings, keep your head on a swivel. Pay attention and be alert for those who appear suspicious, especially in crowded situations like shopping malls or on buses. Be careful when walking alone....females should not do this at night anyway in unfamiliar locations; bring another person with you to lessen the risk.

The experienced travel advisors at The Travel Factory will be available to help you with all your traveling plans, so give us a call at 698-1421 or come by for a face-to-face visit and we'll be glad to help you plan the all-inclusive or cruise vacation of your dreams.....we exist to serve!!!

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