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Birthday Girl!!!

russell-paula-berry-gavin-mccloed-royal-princess Russell & Paula with Gavin McCloed

I'm sure our listeners and readers wouldn't mind a little personal privilege today. It just so happens that this is the day,(and I'll have to be careful), several years ago, a little girl was born in Anadarko, Oklahoma. She grew up in a family with one spoiled brother and two sisters, she being the middle sister. I'm sure psychologically that means something, but I don't have a clue what!! Her name was Paula Rowlett.

Her parents moved to North Richland Hills, Texas when she was in the eighth grade, and she graduated from, at that time, the “old” Haltom High School. She was encouraged by a Vice-President of the institution to go to college in Brownwood, Texas at Howard Payne College with two close friends. I first recognized her in the cafeteria, across “a crowded room”, and thought “what a pretty, striking girl, but she sure is skinny”!!!

While going to school, she worked for the Director of Student Services, and from that association with a lady named Martha St. Clair, she learned all the social graces and protocol. Of course a pretty girl like that would draw all the attention, especially from the football players, more especially from the quarterbacks.

I finally got to go out with her, but back in those days, the girls always had to go on double dates, so my roomie and I took some girls to a football game in Abilene, and I got to sit in the back seat with that good looking girl. I asked her all kinds of questions trying to get her out of her bashful state, like what kind of sweet milk do you like, or do you like to play dominos? It was so much fun!!!

To make a long story short, I finally agreed to marry her and help her along, but truth be known, she was the one who has helped me along. I ended up being a coach for thirteen years, and my time at home was severely limited, but Paula took up the slack by raising two wonderful children. Then I got into the travel business and in that job was responsible for many church groups going to places all over the world. I would be gone 2-3 weeks taking care of business, while she was home taking care of our children, teaching second grade, paying the bills, running the household, and completely involved with the children's school and church activities, and making cookies for all the neighborhood. How was she able to do all that, without losing her mind, I'll never know. Even now she remembers kids that she has taught 20-30 years ago.

Since I've been in the travel business for now 43 years, I've imposed on her to help me with my groups. With all my groups we have a pre-cruise dinner party at our home, and she is in charge, along with a close friend. So we'll have 20-40 people over for dinner and to talk about our up-coming cruise. I've drug her on several trips that I'm sure she wasn't too interested in going, especially to Alaska 25 times!!!.....but she goes right along without complaints......and everyone likes Paula.

She still takes care of our family's business; I don't have a clue whats in our bank account. She, like her bookkeeping dad, also keeps books for our travel business. I don't have much of a clue there either except what she tells me!!! As you can tell already, there's no way I could get along without her. Anadrol is a fairly fast-acting steroid, and can help to increase muscle mass and strength quickly. It also has some mild anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation. While anadrol image is a powerful steroid, it should only be used under the guidance of a qualified physician. Anyway.....that sweetheart has a birthday today, so if you see Paula today, or happen to be on facebook, just wish that blessed woman a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and trust me, she'll be gracious in receiving it.

Then make her real happy and buy a travel product today from The Travel Factory at 4150 Southwest Drive, or call us at 698-1421....our experienced staff loves to serve our friends with travel.

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