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The Travel Factory employs 4 full time agents with 100 years total experience in the travel industry. Our agents specialize in cruise, tour and resort vacations as well as corporate incentive and school groups. Our mission is to provide the best, most courteous, most detailed, most informative service. Our slogan, "Building vacations to your specifications" says it all.

World War II Places To Visit

World War II Places To Visit World War II Places To Visit

Two of the most treasured World War II sites to visit are Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and the Normandy beaches in France. In my opinion, the best way to see those sites are on cruise vacations. Why are those sites so important in our history?

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Holiday Traveling

Holiday Travel with The Travel Factory Holiday Travel with The Travel Factory

Folks have been coming in this week interested in seeing if there is any real good deals available for the Christmas or New Years weeks. You gotta be kidding!!!! If there were any space available at all, it wouldn't be a “good deal”!!

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Cruise Booster

Cruise Booster with The Travel Factory Cruise Booster with The Travel Factory

Back in 1981, five years after I had been in the travel business, I finally was able to get on a cruise....with my wife. I had always wanted to, and had the opportunity to sell many in those previous years, but of course, I really didn't know what I was selling. Finally, I convinced my wife to go with me on a cruise I had earned, and we sailed out of New York on a Holland America ship to Bermuda. One of the clinches in getting her to go,(because she was afraid of getting motion sickness), we got one of the first prescriptions for what is now known as the “Transderm Patch”. That was the “ticket”....we've been on about 85 cruises since, and she has never had motion sickness. So..that's my solution to one objection we hear of going on a cruise vacation.

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The "City Of Lights"

The City Of Lights - Las Vegas The City Of LIghts - Las Vegas

Can you believe that Las Vegas, in 2017, registered a visitors count at 42.2 million people, and that was considered a “down year”. They based the fallen numbers on the shooting that occurred in Oct. that killed 58 persons and injured 851.

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The Last Frontier

Denali National Park in Alaska Denali National Park in Alaska

We've been fortunate over the past 24 years to enjoy introducing groups to one of the most exciting destinations in the United States......our 49th state....ALASKA!!! If you've listened to our radio show every Thursday on KWKC Talk Radio at 8:07AM with David Bacon, you'll know a little about our excitement when we talk Alaska. We also put the show on our website: under our weekly blog. In fact, you can go to our July 19 show and see a report of this years Alaska trip.

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Do You Speak "Airline"?

Do You Speak Airline? Do You Speak Airline?

I'll occasionally tell folks, when they are talking about taking a cruise, if you didn't have to get there and get back, cruising would be wonderful. It's getting to the ports and returning that makes a lot of folks reluctant to take that great, relaxing vacation.

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Where Do YOU Want To Go???

Where Do You Want To Go - The Travel Factory Where Do You Want To Go?

As you can imagine, we have some real interesting encounters with potential clients. One recently came in and when asked if we could be of service, he said he would like to go somewhere. Well, for sure, he came to the right place for an answer!!!

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Travel Advisors Do More Than Sell Travel....They Help Keep You From Being Depressed!!

Travel Advisors Sell Happiness! Travel Advisors Sell Happiness!

We could have probably had a shorter title, but I wanted to get your attention. According to the 10th annual Allianz Global Assistance Vacation Confidence Index, Americans who don't feel like they can take a vacation, despite wanting to, are nearly two times as likely to show signs of moderately severe to severe depression. So, the first thing to do is to realize that you do need to relax, then secondly, reach out to your travel advisor who will take the stress out of planning a vacation that will make you a more productive employee or owner. Taking time off is not a frivolous thing, it has real benefits to your mental well-being.

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Airline Germophobia

Airline-Germophobia-with-The-Travel-Factory Airline Germophobia

One of the travel websites that I visit quite often is posted by one of my favorite travel agent owners and writers, Richard Turen. The site is titled “”. He and his staff are very intentional in “telling it like it is”. They answer various and sundry questions sent to them by travelers, and one that I thought was interesting and wanted to share was the question about how to avoid getting sick while traveling on an airplane.

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Cruising The Caribbean In September

Cruising The Carribean in September Cruising The Carribean in September

We just returned last Sunday from a great cruise experience, cruising the Western Caribbean out of the Texas port of Galveston. It was our 13th September cruise, and a good time was had by all!!!

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Norwegian Cruise Line's Bliss

Norwegian Cruise Line's Bliss Norwegian Cruise Line's Bliss

NCL aptly named their newest ship in the fleet, Bliss. The dictionary defines this word as “great happiness”, and if you go on her and don't find bliss, I don't think it will be the ships fault.

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Flying With Medical Concerns

Flying-with-Medical-Concerns---The-Travel-Factory Flying with Medical Concerns

One of my favorite websites to visit regarding regulations in flying on airlines today is the Transportation Security Administration website: There is a world of information on there especially regarding what you can and cannot bring, along with some valuable tips.

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Hey Siri, What Do You Call Those People Who Do Travel??

Hey-Siri-What-Do-You-Call-Those-People-Who-Do-Travel---The-Travel-Factory Hey Sir What Do You Call Those People Who Travel??

Over the past 42 years since I've been in the travel business, travel sellers have had a variety of titles. Probably the most favored over the years is 'travel agent'. But there have been other handles like travel counselor, travel consultant, travel adviser, travel advisor, or as one in our office mentioned, travel slave based on the amount of money I pay her. Interestingly enough, the American Society of Travel Agents, after going by that name for 75 years, made the decision last week to rename themselves. That organization that represents those of us who work in the travel business have decided to name themselves, American Society of Travel Advisors....that's AdvisOrs. Obviously, they didn't have to change the initials.....still ASTA.

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"Texas, Our Texas, All Hail The Mighty State"

Texas Our Texas - All Hail The Mighty State Texas Our Texas - All Hail The Mighty State

Seldom do travel agents extol the virtues of a driving vacation; they can't make a living talking about places where they can't realize a commission for their efforts. But, here in the middle of August, I thought it was about time I praised the efforts of the Texas Historical Commission, Texas Department of Transportation, and Convention and Visitors Bureaus of virtually every city in Texas to make our state a viable vacation destination.

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Different Approach To Ocean Cruising

Different Approach To Ocean Cruising with Viking Cruises Different Approach To Ocean Cruising with Viking Cruises

Three years ago, the owner of Viking River Cruises made the decision to return to ocean cruising, but with a different model currently employed by the major cruise lines. He took a hint from the popular features of the river cruising business and morphed them into a new concept of ocean cruising.

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Cruising's Best Of "The Best"

Glacier Bay in Alaska - The Travel Factory Glacier Bay in Alaska

Quite often I get asked which cruise line or ship do I prefer, in fact that question was asked yesterday in an interview with a potential cruiser. They usually don't like my answer because I've never been on one I didn't like!!!

For some folks, that question was answered in a survey conducted by Cruise Critic which is an on-line cruise review site. This was a survey covering a lot of “Bests” from their loyal and opinionated website participants.

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You Get The Vacation That You Pay For!

You Get The Vacation You Pay For You Get The Vacation You Pay For

A couple of weeks back, one of my favorite travel columnist, Richard Turen, had a tongue-in-cheek piece with a little reality included in the Travel Weekly that I thought bears additional coverage. My guess is that he had received several phone calls from folks wanting him to help plan their vacation, but with the caveat that they wanted a “good deal”, and “good, but cheap” vacation.

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Oh My Goodness, PART 24.....ALASKA 2018!!!

Alaska 2018 With The Travel Factory Alaska 2018 With The Travel Factory Gang

Each year when we return from our outstanding trip with The Travel Factory Gang to Alaska, my blog always starts out the should have been with us!!!

We visited “The Last Frontier” again and it was an exciting trip again, beside all the beautiful scenery and wildlife, our group this year became part of the “1% Club”. That is a club made up of folks who were fortunate enough to see Mt. McKinley (officially now, Denali), and she was wide open all day long; no clouds, no fog, no smoke, just 20,320 feet of her!!!!

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Lets Go On A Vacation With “The Travel Factory Gang”!!!!

Group Travel with The Travel Factory

For over thirty years, we have planned group vacation travel.  Most of our plans have been on cruises to different parts of the world, primarily because those types of vacations are easier to plan in addition to having a positive experience.  In the past several years, we have limited our offerings to about 4 trips a year; the reason being when I'm escorting a group, I'm not selling!!

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Should I Buy Travel Insurance??

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance

One of the more vexing quandaries facing a traveler today is the question posed above.....should I buy travel insurance?

To answer that question depends on several factors.....(1)how big is the travel investment? (2)health condition of the family? (3) how big a gambler are you or what are you willing to lose?

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