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Travel Is A Good Thing!!!

Travel Is A Good Thing Travel Is A Good Thing

There is something uplifting and energizing when anticipating a vacation or a trip away from the daily activities of life.  I’m certainly not a psychologist, but I’m sure there is a psychological term to identify this emotional boost to our looking forward to a trip. My observation has always been that at least 75% of the enjoyment of a trip is the positive anticipation during the planning stage.

I’ve watched it over the years in this business when someone who is experiencing a physical trauma in their life come in to make reservations for a trip.  The excitement and anticipation of that event helps them to quickly get over their physical dilemma.

The planning and detail involved in taking a trip can also take away from the excitement and anticipation of the trip.  The antidote for that is to enjoy the services of a professional and experienced travel agent.  They can take away the stress associated with the planning, and make the anticipation period even more enjoyable.

Early in my coaching experience I read about a practice that a coach was promoting where he taught shooting free throws by mentally practicing the shot.  He would teach the players the physical mechanics, then set them down by themselves and they would mentally shoot free throws, making every one they shot. . .  positive reinforcement.  Of course, in actual practice and/or during a game, that doesn’t mean that all the free throws they took went in, but because of that positive mental practice, they went to the line expecting a positive outcome.

Using that analogy, I think people who anticipate sunning on a beach or reading a book under an umbrella on a sun-splashed beach, or they mentally see themselves exploring a 300 year old castle over in Germany, or imagine themselves in a casino on a sea-going vessel on the open seas all have positive images of relaxation and refreshment.

And that is mentally healthy.  Just as in the free throw analogy, that doesn’t mean that everyone who has planned a trip will never experience having to cancel for some unforeseen illness.  But it does mean that they will approach that physical bump in the road with a little more enthusiasm, especially if as soon as they recover, they are planning on another trip.

We have had many opportunities over the years with some good friends and clients to prove the statement that titles this blog; Travel Is A Good Thing!!  So, to help take the stress out of your planning, call the professional and experienced travel agents at The Travel Factory; it is our distinct pleasure to help you with your anticipation of getting away.  We are easy to contact; our physical location is 4150 Southwest Dr., call us at 698-1421 or 800-760-4040, or go to our new website  We exist to serve our good friends with their travel.

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