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Tooting Your Own Horn

Tooting Your Own Horn

Travel agents are notorious for not “tooting their own horn”. Seldom do we go around telling everybody how good we are.....unlike Muhammad Ali!! By the way, I met him one time at the airport in was just him and me and Veronica (his squeeze at the time and eventually one of his wives). We had the whole concourse to ourselves.....unbelievable moment. It was while I was still coaching and we talked about basketball, boxing, and before I left them to be alone for a while, he graciously offered his autograph. Very nice man....but boy, could he “toot his own horn”......and could back it up too.

Travel agents can easily back up their boasts in regard to providing our clients with sincere, experienced, concerned travel advice. Typically though we don't do it enough, especially in this day and time. We do so much behind the scenes in taking care of flight schedule changes, delayed circumstances, and other situations that we have no control over, but we get involved because they are our clients, and we want to be of service. Back in the 70's and 80's when the airlines were paying us for our services, we had the money to promote our travel products and ourselves, but since 2000, that promotion budget dried up.

A columnist for Travel Weekly mentioned a while back that “travel agents have known for years that they save their clients time and money. It's a value-add claim they market to consumers through a variety of channels.” And that's true because if you've listened or read my blog, you know that I close with the encouragement to allow us the pleasure of helping you save time and money with your vacation needs.

In a survey funded by Carnival Corp and conducted online by global market-research firm TNS in early April, statistical research is now adding credence to that claim noting that agents save their clients an average of $452 and four planning hours per trip. TNS reached out to 14,000 U. S. households and achieved a sample size of 3,000 consumers; travelers were adults, ages 18 and older, with a household income of at least $50,000 who had traveled overnight and stayed in paid accommodations for leisure travel purposes in the past 12 months.

One of our agents noted that one of our clients told them they had spent time in three or four days trying to make arrangements for their vacation, and when that agent took on the task, after a 20 minute conversation about what they were interested in, and their budget needs, within an hour or so the plan was in place. That's taking the stress out of vacation planning, and that's this travel agency's goal and intent. First, we want to know you, then we plan to suit our clients based on our experience with cruise lines and tour operators, and based on the friendship and relationship we have begun.

The Travel Factory is the oldest agency in Abilene, with roots going all the way back to 1949. We have had several names, Gay Travel Agency named after the lady that started the agency, Ruth Gay. Then for 23 years we operated by the name of Supertravel; and now since 1998, we have been known as The Travel Factory. We are still locally owned, and the current experienced agents have been serving the Abilene traveling consumer since 2002 with a combined experience level of over 100 years. Stealing a tag from Allstate, when you turn your travel needs over to the agents at The Travel Factory, “you're in good hands”. We are located at 4150 Southwest Drive, Ste. 120; can be reached by phone at 325-698-1421 or toll-free 800-760-4040. Check out our website and blogs at the address: Remember, we can save you time and money with your travel



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