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A Big "Shout Out" For The Professional Travel Agent

A Big "Shout Out" For The Professional Travel Agent

Our task on this show is to give you some travel tips and information on the current travel scene, but probably not often enough I don’t give out the very best tip in my quiver, which is if you want to travel, contact an experienced travel agent.

I always tell folks that the best thing they can do when looking for a travel agent is to search for experience.  And thankfully, we have that here at The Travel Factory.  Our agency had its earliest beginnings back in 1949 by a visionary lady named Ruth Gay.  Gay Travel Service operated under that name and ownership until 1963, then Frank Etter purchased part ownership from Mrs. Gay, and his brother, Don, joined him in 1968.  They changed the name in 1975 to Supertravel, and it operated under that moniker until 1998 when the new owners changed the name to The Travel Factory.

Thirty-seven years ago last month I started working with Supertravel and almost 11 years ago in 2002, joined a partner from Nashville, TN in buying The Travel Factory.  We have been at the Southwest Drive location since 1984, and currently have 3 other agents assisting travelers plan their trips and vacations.  Joy Bishop has over 35 years in the business of selling travel, Doug McCraw has been assisting travelers for 35 years, and Donna Brady has over 20 years in the business, cutting her travel teeth initially with American Airlines.

Of course it is impossible to have visited every hotel and every location where folks might want to go, but our experience helps us know where to look for just the right place that will fit a client’s needs and pocketbook.  Plus, our clients are our best source of information when we follow up with them on their experiences of their recent trips, so that enhances our ability to advise correctly.

We typically do not go to the on-line travel sites, even though we have had some folks indicated they have had some success in booking them on occasion.  We just read, and hear too much from folks who have done this with serious problems, and they have no one to help or assist them when trouble arises.

So, we depend heavily on our trusted suppliers and cruise lines who have proven over the years to treat our customers the way we want them to be treated, with an occasional hiccup with the airlines in this regard.  Have you heard the slogan of the American Society of Travel Agents? . . .  “Without a travel agent, you are on your own”? You can now start betting online with BetWinner. This bookmaker has a main headquarters in Cyprus and a license from the Curaçao authorities that allows it to operate in Latin American countries. BetWinner has been operating since 2016 and since then allows sports betting with a wide variety of markets. Bookmaker Betwinner is present in Nigeria, Kenya and South Adrica quite strongly. So far it has maintained an excellent reputation, the value it has given to its users is often compared to casinos with a long history like Bet365. At BetWinner you will have the opportunity to access more than 40 markets, stay .

The professional and experienced agents at The Travel Factory can be contacted at 698-1421, or toll-free 800-760-4040, or drop in for a face-to-face visit about your vacation dreams.  We’ll help you with good advice and a travel plan that will fit your vacation needs, so look for us at 4150 Southwest Drive, Suite 120 on the south side of Abilene between Rosa’s and Chick-fil-A.

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