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Relax.....You're On A Cruise!!!!!

Relax - You're On A Cruise - The Travel Factory Relax - You're On A Cruise

For the past nine years, Princess Cruises has had a research company surveying folks about the benefits of cruising. Most of the other years they have limited their research to North American travelers, but this year they expanded the survey to include a global audience from United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and where our president has just been, Vietnam. 

According to the results, when it comes to relaxation and sleep, all the countries were surprisingly similar. More than half (51%) of those surveyed report they get less sleep than they need on an average night and 80% of them are using the weekend days to make up for sleep lost during the week. They also found in the survey that 55% of them did use all their vacation days, but many used some of those days for sleep and rest catch-up. Almost half of Americans (46%) with vacation time did not use all the time available, this year up dramatically from last year at 39%.

Princess Cruises has been intentional about making sure that their guests take all their vacation time and come back home refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated. So over the years they have initiated actions that contribute to that effort. One of their actions has been to partner with leading experts in both the science and beauty of sleep in the development of the Princess Luxury Bed. Together with board-certified sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus and designer Candice Olson, Princess Cruises now delivers its guests the ultimate night of sleep at sea.

Some of the findings that they found was that technology is a major culprit that can keep a mind and body from winding down. They found that 68% of Americans watch TV before turning in, 39% are looking at social media. Also, another distraction culprit is the current events of the day that can impact sleep as well, and makes it harder to relax. More than 78% of Americans do not set aside time to unwind every day.

So, what is Princess doing about it? One thing they are doing is that by the end of 2019, 45,000 Princess Luxury Beds will be fully rolled out to over 22,000 staterooms. The beds features a plush, two-inch thick pillow top, a nine-inch,single-sided medium firm mattress for enhanced support, individually wrapped coils for less partner disturbance, a European-inspired duvet and 100% Jacquard-woven cotton linens. They even sell these mattresses to the public. I'll testify, they are really nice!!!

To help prepare their guests for a good night of sleep at sea, they also offer a sleep kit that includes eye shades,earplugs, and aromatherapy scents.

For me it's always nice to be on a ship anyway. It usually takes about a day or two to wind down from the busyness of life, then sleep comes pretty easily. The entertainment package on the cruise line is always fun; watching and listening to the music offered at the various clubs on the ship; having time to seriously, without interruption, read a good book are all relaxing activities that for me, make a cruise vacation the best way to vacation. Been on about 85 of them, and only had one negative experience; it was negative at the time, but when we look back on it, it was just an interesting experience added to the cruise.

The experienced travel counselors at The Travel Factory would be more than happy to visit with our friends about a cruise, so give us a call at 698-1421 or come by for a visit at 4150 Southwest Dr. between Rosa's and Chick-Fil-A. Or visit our website: We still have considerable inventory left for a seriously relaxing vacation.

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