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Are You Dressed Properly To Fly????

Are-You-Dressed-For-Flying---The-Travel-Factory Are Your Dressed For Flying?

I remember when I first started in the travel business, and even before that when I was flying all over the U.S.with basketball teams, the dress for the day was coat and tie. We looked really good with a team of 6'10” and 6'8” guys and a few 6'3”- 6' guys.

But now? It's different. I was reading a column of “Smarter Travel” the other day and they were making suggestions on the proper way to dress for flights. I'm not sure anyone is really concerned in this day and time about how to dress, because I've seen all manner of dress on airplanes over the past few years.'s some suggestions:

You have to consider several different climates when flying.....the outside temperature when boarding the plane, the temperature on the plane, and the temperature at your destination. Being “layered up” will be the smarter way to dress under those temperature variations. That way you can keep on a layer or take off and not be completely embarrassed.

Several years ago my local physician advised me to consider wearing support hose...ones that go all the way to the knee. I had heard that was the thing to do for long haul flights because it helped with blood circulation and it helped to keep your feet from swelling. He said that's good for fights, but he recommended it for everyday wear too. So, I took his advice and have been wearing them for over the past two years and consider that has helped me in the long run. My wife says my legs from the knees down look really good!!!

How about shoes? High heels and brogans are not the best footwear on a plane. Remember, you have to go through security, so wear shoes that are lightweight, easy to slip off and on. I have on occasions seen, even sat beside one, that took their shoes off for the ride. Don't do that!!! More often than not the smell is awful.....and it goes on for two hours!!

One of the things to consider wearing is a shirt, blouse, or coat that has pockets. You're always having to put a ticket, boarding pass or some other important item that is easily accessible. Then the problem is to remember where you put it!!

In my opinion it is always best not to wear tight-fitting clothes that make it difficult to sit comfortably in the reduced-size airplane seats. Also, wear something presentable and don't appear as if you just got out of bed. Dressed like that certainly won't get you a second look for a possible upgrade or exit row seat. Some folks consider what is known as the “resort look”. I like to think it is a good idea to make out like you are applying for a job and wear your clothes accordingly.

Well, those are just some tips from The Travel Factory, a local travel agency here in Abilene with roots that go back to 1949. Our experienced agents have a combined total of over 140 years selling travel, mostly to Abilene and Big Country friends. Give us a call and let us help you manufacture the vacation of your dreams, or better still, drop in for a face-to-face visit. It's so much better than talking to that inconsiderate screen in front of you. We are located at 4150 Southwest Drive between Rosa's and Chick-Fil-A in south Abilene. You can bet we will be dressed appropriately.

Relax.....You're On A Cruise!!!!!
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