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Hey Siri, What Do You Call Those People Who Do Travel??

Hey-Siri-What-Do-You-Call-Those-People-Who-Do-Travel---The-Travel-Factory Hey Sir What Do You Call Those People Who Travel??

Over the past 42 years since I've been in the travel business, travel sellers have had a variety of titles. Probably the most favored over the years is 'travel agent'. But there have been other handles like travel counselor, travel consultant, travel adviser, travel advisor, or as one in our office mentioned, travel slave based on the amount of money I pay her. Interestingly enough, the American Society of Travel Agents, after going by that name for 75 years, made the decision last week to rename themselves. That organization that represents those of us who work in the travel business have decided to name themselves, American Society of Travel Advisors....that's AdvisOrs. Obviously, they didn't have to change the initials.....still ASTA.

The organization says they are not changing; just changing their terminology to keep up with the times. They say that its member's shifting role is one that's similar to a financial advisor. With so many options for booking travel on-line and with the i-phone, sometimes it's like marriage, it gets complicated, and people still need help from a skilled and experienced travel advisor.

The ASTA President, Zane Kerby, said in a news release that “social media posts and pictures fuel the public's desire for more unique and exotic travel. In 2012, the world welcomed 1 billion cross-border travelers. By 2030, that number is expected to double to 2 billion. Travel is on the rise, and travel advisors are perfectly positioned to take advantage of and support that growth.” He also mentioned that the new name more accurately describes the value that those members provide to the consumers.

Well, this adivsor has a little updated information regarding visiting the Cancun area. On my way home the other day a news announcer gave a sentence announcement that the area in Cancun was unsafe for tourist. Another example of “false news”. That's like saying it's perfectly safe to walk the streets of West Chicago at midnight. They did discover eight bodies in Cancun last week but it was in a downtown neighborhood, several miles from the tourist area, and those killings were all drug related. Most travelers to Cancun congregate along the 14-mile-long beach strip dense with high-rise hotels, restaurants and clubs.

The director general of Quintana Roo Tourism Board said that security forces keep a sharp eye on the hotel zone and Federal police and Navy personnel patrol the beaches while the army and police monitor the highways. Plus they have installed surveillance cameras between Cancun and Playa del Carmen as well as at the ferry piers where visitors travel back and forth to Cozumel. A security expert said that the tourist zone in Cancun is a much safer area and has tighter security than ever before.

The latest State Department advisory has recently pointed out that “there are currently zero U.S. State Department travel warnings against any destination in the state of Quintana Roo, and there are zero travel warnings against any international tourist destination in Mexico.”

My tip today is, no matter where you travel, keep your wits about you....even in Abilene, Texas.

My best tip is to trust the best travel advisors in Abilene at The Travel Factory. There are four experienced and professional travel adivsors just waiting for your visit or call. You can reach us at 4150 Southwest Drive or at 698-1421. If you are out of town, we are toll-free at 800-760-4040. Doesn't make any difference what you call us; our main interest is helping our good friends get outta town on their trip of a lifetime!!!

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