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Flying Tips

Flying Tips with The Travel Factory Flying Tips with The Travel Factory

Occasionally we have clients who come in and want to talk about taking a flight to a certain destination. In fact, we had some folks recently who were totally unfamiliar with the flight 75 years of age, they had never flown in a commercial airplane. In this day and time, that is really unusual.....but not so terribly. I remember when I got into the travel business over 40 years ago, my parents who at that time were in their late 60's had never flown, so I got to accompany them on their first airplane flight.....a neat memory.

So, I thought today that I would, along with the help of several folks who have suggested some tips for flying, give some tips for those who have never flown or haven't flown in a long time.

If you've been listening to this program very long, you probably know that the first tip I'm going to mention is to get to the airport in plenty of time before your scheduled departure...that lessens the anxiety before the flight. It is always best to be waiting on them than hoping they will wait for you.

There are certain things you can do to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Changes in the air pressure as the plane is taking off or landing can cause your ears to 'pop' or experience a sensation of fullness. To be able to equalize the pressure, swallow frequently. Or...better still, get a stick of chewing gum. Yawning also helps sometimes, and it's a good idea to not be asleep while landing because you'll not be conscious enough to equalize the pressure. Another trick is to pinch your nostrils together and close your mouth and blow gently; sometimes that will relieve the pressure in your ears.

Try to avoid flying if you have recently had abdominal surgery, eye or oral surgery such as a root canal. The pressure changes that occur during take off and landing could possibly cause considerable discomfort. I've also flown with a sinus infection, and that's not a happy feeling either.

One other suggestion from my own personal experience. I flew one time all the way from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand....over ten hours. I read a book and ate and slept, and only got up once to go to the bathroom. When I got up to leave the plane, my feet were swollen so bad that I could hardly walk, dared not take my shoes off. That's when I learned two tips while flying: one, wear support hose, even for short flights, and two, get up and walk up and down the aisle every hour.

Did you know that drinking coffee or alcohol of any kind has a drying effect on your body? Also, air produced by the airline is generally very dry, and the combination of the air and coffee and alcohol increases your chances of an upper respiratory infection. Drys your eyes out too, and some prescription medicines will also dry you. So, hydrate with good bottled water. Oh yes, go to the bathroom before you get on the airplane. Some cabin crews start their beverage service soon after the plane levels off, and the aisle gets really crowded.

On similar subject, one travel agent that I know says that you should never drink coffee that is made on the airplane. You never know where that water came from and it might have been in that container for a couple of days.

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