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Cruising The Caribbean In September

Cruising The Carribean in September Cruising The Carribean in September

We just returned last Sunday from a great cruise experience, cruising the Western Caribbean out of the Texas port of Galveston. It was our 13th September cruise, and a good time was had by all!!!

Some folks are wary of cruising in September and October for the fear of hurricanes, and I understand that. However, only once in those thirteen years have we had to deviate our intended itinerary, but that was ok. I tell folks that the captain, chief engineer, hotel manager, cabin steward, and all those who wait on tables do not intend to sail right into a hurricane. They love living just as much as you do!!!!

Some folks are reticent about cruising because not ever having done it, they think there is nothing to do.......wrong!!!! Just for example, I'll give you an idea of a sample of activities that were available on this ship last week. The first couple of days there was the destination talk describing the ports we were going to be visiting during the week. There were dancing classes where if you didn't want to learn the particular dance, just watching it was often a hoot!! There were veteran get-togethers along with service club meetings scheduled. Wine and beer tastings, art lectures and auctions two or three days, mixed drinks classes, bridge and domino games scheduled, movies on the outdoor giant screen were shown daily, music trivia games, and there were always lessons being given in the casino about how to play casino games. And bingo...oh my goodness, they had big crowds every day that was scheduled because a free cruise was one of the prizes. How about towel folding demonstration, and did I mention shopping on the massive Promenade deck where they had daily discount specials selling watches, jewelry, clothes, and just about anything you might not want, but if you did, they had it.

All that and more, not to mention the activity events around the ship: miniature golf, pool volleyball, 3 on 3 basketball, the flow rider and water slides as well as the water park that was primarily for the kids, but it was fun just watching them have fun. Shuffleboard, ping pong tables, and a walking/running track was available on both the 7th and 12th deck. They had an extensive spa, complete with exercise machines and treadmills, both dry and wet saunas, and whirlpools. Did I mention swimming pools and outdoor whirlpools that were constantly full with participants.

And we haven't even got to the entertainment yet. Some folks go on a cruise and don't ever go to the entertainment in the evening after dinner. To me that is one of the highlights of each cruise. The singer and dancer shows are spectacular, and the comedians or soloist are some of the best I've ever heard and they have great experience in appearances in the entertainment capitals like Las Vegas and New York. All the above and more are available to you on a cruise ship. But if you are like me, you just want to go somewhere quiet and read, well, there are many places available to be able to do that too.

We haven't even mentioned something that most folks like to do, and judging from the looks of most of us, they have found the public locations. ...that's the dining facilities. This ship had 3 dining rooms and 4 specialty restaurants. We certainly didn't lack for opportunities to eat something...all day long if you wanted, and some presentations would have cost $25 or more at home!!

Prices in September and October are also the years best. Just yesterday I booked a couple on a 7-day cruise out of Galveston next month for $1,100. That's a weeks worth of what I've just described. So, for a great getaway, give the experienced travel advisors at The Travel Factory a call at 698-1421, or come by our shop at 4150 Southwest Drive. Cruising might just be your favorite vacation too!

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