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Travel Advisors Work Is Never Done!!!

Travel-Advisors-Work-Is-Never-Done---The-Travel-Factory Travel Advisors Work is Never Done

Some of you have heard me say, quite often, that we are available to help with your travel needs. Our aim is good, honest, travel advice and planning, other sign-off comments.....we exist to serve!!!

That thought was reinforced in an article I was reading the other day where the writer was praising her travel agent. She said “I pay someone to clean my house and walk my dog. I buy boxed meals that are delivered to my door with packaged ingredients. Why would I spend hours on the internet planning a vacation when a trained professional can take care of that for me---and maybe even get me an extra day pass to Typhoon Lagoon in Disney—for free? If something goes amiss I can call and they'll take care of it. Why would I spend hours acting like an expert just because I have access to the internet? Want to enjoy your next vacation? Call a travel agent, and when they say, “Hello, may I help you?” all you have to do is say, “Yes, please”.

The travel industry has seen a bunch of turmoil the past two weeks....both on the land, in the air, and on the sea (or river). The unusual weather has put tremendous stress on the airlines and their passengers with delays and cancellations that so frustrate everyone involved.

Then the international incidents, especially in the Dominican Republic with U. S. citizens dying mysteriously and the violence reported this past weekend that resulted in an assault of a famous Boston baseball player. That makes individuals skittish about any travel, especially if they have vacation plans already made for that Caribbean island, and in turn, makes the travel agents day a little longer.

We can't overlook the problems associated with the Presidents restrictions on Cuba travel that severely disrupted many planned cruise itineraries. Having to adjust the schedules of those ships that were already deployed and intending to stop there, but also all those itineraries that were already booked for months to come. It's not unusual that our agents spend 5-6 hours a day on hold for an airline, cruise line, or tour operator trying to help displaced guests.

And, what about all those cruise accidents happening with both ocean-going vessels as well as the river cruise ships. The one in Budapest that happened on the Danube was troubling and it brought out the siren call of “over crowding” in the European rivers. What makes the Danube busy in Budapest is that all the boats want to sail past the brightly lighted Hungarian Parliament building. That was what was happening when the Viking ship hit the smaller Hungarian tourist ship that resulted in many lives lost.

Europe's river cruise fleet has doubled to more than 350 ships since 2004, and those ships share the waterways with more than 13,000 other cargo ships and pleasure vessels. Currently the large river cruise ships are given time slots to regulate the number sailing at any given time in the evenings, but smaller vessels have no restrictions. But as one person reminded others, the Budapest accident was the worst boating accident in Hungary in 75 years.

Just remember, the experienced travel advisors at The Travel Factory do our best to stay educated in all industry happenings so we can wisely advise our clients, who are our friends, about the travel circumstances around the world. Give us a call at 698-1421, or drop in for a face-to-face visit at 4150 Southwest Drive where we've been located since 1984. Or, try our website for some good travel information and see our group opportunities: We exist to serve!!!

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