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The Travel Factory Website

The Travel Factory Website

Several years ago, we had questions requesting to go to our website for additional information about our agency or tours and cruises that we were promoting.  My response had always been, “we don’t have a website”, just give us a call.

So, a couple of years ago, upon recommendation of a fellow travel agent, I contacted a professional webmaster in Nashville, TN.  We had a phone meeting about what I was thinking and he made some excellent professional advice based on his experience with other travel agencies, so I employed his services.

Since we are in a “technical age”, I wanted our name and presence on the World Wide Web so that when we were closed, or when someone who was shopping for some information from a professional travel agent, they could at least find some information on our web site.  So with Peter Beare’s help, we have a site.  He is so good with pictures and videos and adding them to some of our group tour opportunities.

You can also go there to see a little history about our agency, the agents who are working here, and a little information about their experience.  We will often receive post-tour comments from our guests, so some of them have also been included on the site.  Photos taken by past guests also appear on our site.

Every year we plan group tours and cruises for The Travel Factory Gang, and those travel opportunities are summarized under the heading of “Cruises” or “Tours”.  For those opportunities, you still have to contact us for additional information and to make a reservation.

We did put on the site a tour operator that we have been using for many years, Funjet Vacations, and you can shop for tours that are offered by Funjet on our site.  You can make a reservation and pay for it with your credit card from the site.  Funjet Vacations will then contact us for continued follow-up and service needs on the tour, and we will receive the credit for the booking.

Since we started, I have also been publishing our Thursday Morning Travel Tips on the website under our blog.  You can find that when you log in to our site, go to “About”, click on the ladder the subject of “Blog”.  You can then read all the Tips since we initiated the website, and see the number of folks who have visited the blog.  It is really interesting, at least to me, the subjects that are of most interest, and the number of people who click on that blog.

I’m still a little old-fashioned.  I like and enjoy the face-to-face contact, but for those who like to explore on the web, here is another valuable site.  If you do want to visit us personally, just come by at 4150 Southwest Drive at the Plaza at Park Central located between Rosa’s and Chick-fil-A on the south side of town.  You can call too at 698-1421 or toll-free 800-760-4040.  We have the experience to help guide you to the perfect vacation that fits your families needs and budget. 

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Monday January 27, 2020