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There's Always A First Time On A Cruise!!!

There's Always A First Time On A Cruise!!!

One of the exciting experiences I have in escorting cruise groups is seeing individuals and families going on their first cruise.  The anticipation and wonder is fun to watch!!!  We have many of these “first-timers” on the Townsquare Media cruise, more endearingly known as the “Rudy Cruise” after their Morning Show announcer on KEAN, Rudy Fernandez. 

This year the cruise is on Sept.20 out of Galveston on the Navigator of the Seas.  The itinerary is Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Falmouth, Jamaica.  Next year it is scheduled on Sept. 11 on the Liberty of the Seas and we will travel then to Cozumel, Costa Maya, Mexico, and Roatan, Honduras. Prices are always very good, $850 a person for a balcony room, $640 for an inside room….just a great price for a weeks vacation!!

One cruise writer has suggested some things to know before your first cruise.  One of the busiest questions pertains to clothing…what do I wear? On a 7-night cruise, the cruise line will plan two “formal” nights, so we advise men to wear a coat and tie or tux if they wish, but they can get away with slacks, button down shirt, and a tie…turtle neck shirts with slacks and a jacket.  Women wear a “Sunday” dress or dressy pants suit. Other nights pretty much anything goes except shorts, sandals, tank tops, or swim suits.

How about sea sickness?  There will be an initial sensation of motion when the ship departs, but unless there is a terrific storm, after a day or two the movement will not even be noticed.  Some folks use these Sea Bands that you wear on your wrists against your pressure points…for some it helps.  There is also Bonine and Dramamine that often deters sickness, but it oftentimes makes you drowsy too.  The best antidote is the transderm patch that goes behind your ear, looks like a bandaid.  You have to get a prescription for it, but it works because you see a lot of folks wearing one.

Where is the best place to stay on a cruise?  Find the middle of the ship, front and back, up and down, and that will be the most stable.  The cruise lines know this and price their product accordingly.  So the highest price staterooms are in the middle of the ship.  Some folks want to be down low because there is less sensation of movement.  Some like higher up because the view is better.  Some like to be close to the stair well and elevator so you don’t have to walk so far to your room.  After the first time, you will decide where you will want to be next time!!!

One question that is always in folks mind has to do with shore excursions.  When is the best time to reserve?  For all the popular excursions like swimming with the dolphins, fishing, parasailing, zip lines, etc., it is always best to make reservations in advance.  The cruise line will schedule a shore excursion meeting and make everyone aware of the excursions available, and you can certainly book them on the ship.

These are just a few of the questions that the experienced travel agents at The Travel Factory get to answer every day, so give us a call and take advantage of this expertise.  We are at 698-1421 or 800-760-4040, or 4150 Southwest Drive, Ste. 120.

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