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Luggage, Luggage, Where Art Thou?!!

Luggage, Luggage, Where Art Thou?!!

Recently I read a report that the airlines had greatly improved their record of lost luggage incidents over the past year, but I can testify that it still happens.

One of the reasons that they have shown great improvement is because there are fewer pieces of luggage being checked.  Since they started charging for checked luggage, not only have the number of pieces being checked diminished but also the increased weight of each piece has been reduced.

The reason I know it still happens is from a recent trip with our group to Alaska.  We had a couple who arrived back at DFW but their luggage did not.  True to the airlines intent, they delivered the luggage to the hotel where they were staying the next morning.

We instruct those traveling with our groups to make sure when they check their luggage in at the airport to remember to make sure they have the bag tag receipt before they walk away from the counter……stay focused.  Trust me, it is so much easier to be able to locate that lost luggage if you can produce the bag tag receipt.

If a piece of luggage is lost, report it to the airline attendant immediately.  Do not wait and call them later.  It will take a little longer in getting on to your car or hotel, or you might be delayed in keeping up with your friends, but that is a task that needs your immediate attention.  The airline might also reimburse you if you had to purchase replacement toiletries or clothing, but you would need to be able to produce receipts of those purchases.  They probably wouldn’t cover your loss if you had packed some valuable jewelry, electronic devices, medication, or cash in your checked piece.

If you are in one of the late boarding groups and the overhead space is full, the airlines will take your carry-on and check it underneath at no charge.  Remember though to remove your jewelry, electronics, or medicine that was in that carry-on so that you have it in your possession just in case that carry-on does not make it to the luggage carousel at your destination.

When you retrieve your luggage and find that it has been damaged, you also need to immediately report it.  The airline might cover some damaged material, but they wouldn’t cover a torn handle or wheel that had been broken off.

A good tip is before you travel, go to the carrier’s web site and click on “luggage” or “baggage” rules.  That will give you sufficient information as to their policies regarding both checked pieces and carry-ons.

Remember, when you want to travel or vacation anywhere, give the experienced, professional travel agents at The Travel Factory a call and allow them the pleasure of helping you handle all the details and uncertainties associated with that experience.  We can be reached at 698-1421 or 800-760-4040, or at 4150 Southwest Dr, here in Abilene.   

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Monday January 27, 2020