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jerusalem-3934346_1280 The Holy Land - March 2021

Don't ask me when, it's been too long to remember when or why, but I decided, for lack of another name, (you might say I am creatively challenged), to refer to the groups that my wife and I host as “The Travel Factory Gang”. Some tour operators and cruise lines have a little hesitation and suspicion when I announce the name of our group, so most of the time I have to explain the nature of the group.

Anyway, we have a “Gang” going to the Holy Land in March, 2020, and when announced last fall, it quickly filled up with 52 people. In fact it was sold out before last Christmas, and since then we have just been adding folks to a “wait-list”.

In my opinion, one of the reasons it sold out so quickly is because the word got out that the pastor of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, Stan Allcorn, who had led 3 other groups, was planning on retiring, so folks wanted to go with him. He did set his retirement in Aug. of 2020, but he is staying in Abilene for the time being. So, he suggested that we consider going the next year and maybe some of the folks who wanted to go in 2020 would agree to go in 2021.

I called the excellent tour operator that we've been using and asked if we could set a group up for March 11-20, 2021. They called back and told me it was confirmed and that they would honor the same price as the 2020 group!!!

So, for those interested in a fantastic, unforgettable experience to the Holy Land, contact Russell Berry to get on the list. Make sure that you have a passport, complete the registration form, and pay the $300 deposit, and you can be among the first ones to make that commitment.

I wrote a blog for March 7, 2019, about the Holy Land trip. You can find it on our web site: Travel To Israel ---- The Holy Land. It gives a few details about the trip.

One of the reasons we have been so successful with that tour is not only because of Pastor Allcorn, but also because of the tour operator, Educational Travel Services, and the guide, Mike Tahhan. ETS has been in the tour business, specializing in faith-based Holy Land tours since 1974. It was started by a Methodist minister who had gone to this land where Jesus walked and was was so positively impressed that he vowed to get more of his fellow ministers over there. Nowadays they send over 30,000-40,000 pilgrims a year. Another reason that this tour is so good is because of our guide. Mike is a Palestinian Christian, has a degree from Hebrew University, and has been escorting groups for 30+ years in his native land.

One does not have to go with a group to enjoy this experience. I've booked single persons and couples with ETS before and they will put them with a group. They have come back with a testimony of the same quality experience.

Please contact Russell Berry at The Travel Factory if you have an interest in going with The Travel Factory Gang in March, 2021, or if you desire to go at any other time and we will be more than happy to introduce you to a truly unforgettable and inspirational experience. We are at 4150 Southwest Drive, or call at 698-1421, or check out our website for additional information.

Be blessed today!!!

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