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Join The Travel Factory Gang in 2021

Join-The-Travel-Factory-Gang-in-2021-in-the-Holy-Land Join The Travel Factory Gang in 2021 in the Holy Land

For close to 30 years, we have planned and taken groups on various trips around the world.....and EVERYONE is invited!!! For lack of a more imaginative name, we just named our group “The Travel Factory Gang”.

We enjoyed the Holy Land tour this past March, and was on one of the last planes to leave Tel Aviv before Covid-19 interrupted travel all over the globe. As a result, all our “Gang” trips for 2020 have had to cancel, so we are getting antsy to get back into the “traveling swing”!!

Planned for next March 11-20, 2021 is another great tour opportunity to travel again to theHoly Land.....sixth time!!! We have Pastor Stan Allcorn and our guide, Mike Tahhan booked to help with this fantastic experience, walking where Jesus walked. Everyone's invited!!!!

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The Travel Factory Gang

jerusalem-3934346_1280 The Holy Land - March 2021

Don't ask me when, it's been too long to remember when or why, but I decided, for lack of another name, (you might say I am creatively challenged), to refer to the groups that my wife and I host as “The Travel Factory Gang”. Some tour operators and cruise lines have a little hesitation and suspicion when I announce the name of our group, so most of the time I have to explain the nature of the group.

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A Guided Tour of the Holy Land


Most of the group bookings that I escort or host are associated with a cruise of some sort---Alaska, Mediterranean, Hawaii, Europe, etc.. Occasionally I'll take a group on a land-based tour with a guide. That's the kind I've just got off of....a guided tour of the Holy Land.

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