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Summer Air Travel

Summer-Air-Travel-with-The-Travel-Factory Summer Air Travel with the Travel Factory

Hopefully you are like some “travel smart” people and have already purchased your summer vacation airline tickets, and if so, you have been rewarded with a good deal!! The report came out last week that airline customers and travel sellers should brace up for a series of airfare increases because of the hefty hike expected in the cost of jet fuel.

Airlines pointed out that they were lowering their profit forecasts because the cost of gassing up their fleets has increased more than 50% since last summer with oil prices rising from $45 to more than $65 per barrel since mid-'17. Another cost saving measure is their consideration of cutting less profitable routes or reducing their presence in other cities.

Like I mentioned, the smart traveler has already purchased their tickets because they followed my advice from last year to plan ahead.....the airline tickets won't get any cheaper by waiting to the last minute to purchase them.

So, if you've already purchased your tickets, and haven't flown in quite some time there are some things that you might need to consider when packing your carry-on. You are restricted to bottles no larger than 3.4 ounces in your carry-on. Other larger bottles of liquid or gels have to be packed in your checked luggage. Additionally, those liquid or gel items must be in a clear, quart-size zip-top plastic bag and available to be presented when asked. When I put the carry-on on the rollers to go through the x-ray, I just put the plastic bag on top of my bag, and if they want to examine it, there it is.

Another thing to remember is to pack your small pocket knife in your checked luggage. I've lost three of them to the “knife king in the sky” forgetting that I had them in my pocket until the buzzer buzzed me. Understandably, you can't take a firearm in your carry-on; the same goes for any other explosive material. Even that little self-defense retardant, mace, will be confiscated, along with any sharp objects.

This has happened to us and other clients on several occasions. If you have a boarding number past 5, then there is a good chance that all the carry-on space in the luggage bins will be taken by the time they call your number. So, the agent will ask if someone would like to check their luggage on to the destination without a charge. That's fine, but it will certainly slow you down when you land because you will have to go to the baggage claim area to claim your luggage. Remember though before you let them take your carry-on to keep your travel documents or critical medicine with you before they take it, and make sure you get a claim check for the luggage......just in case it gets lost!!

Some folks are careful to pack their antibacterial hand-sanitizers and some take the sanitary wipes to sanitize the food tray, seat belt, air vent and arm rests. Also, some folks like me who don't want to breathe the airline air bring a paper face mask; and that might be handy too especially if you have a cougher or sneezer sitting behind you.

These are just a few tips that will help you with your summer air travel plans. Remember to allow the professional and experienced travel counselors at The Travel Factory help save you time and money in planning the vacation of your dreams; no doubt will give you more travel tips in the process. We can be found at 4150 Southwest Drive between Rosa's and Chick-Fil-A on the southside of Abilene. Call us at 698-1421 or visit our website: Happy Summer Travelin'!!

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