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Back in 1981, five years after I had been in the travel business, I finally was able to get on a cruise....with my wife. I had always wanted to, and had the opportunity to sell many in those previous years, but of course, I really didn't know what I was selling. Finally, I convinced my wife to go with me on a cruise I had earned, and we sailed out of New York on a Holland America ship to Bermuda. One of the clinches in getting her to go,(because she was afraid of getting motion sickness), we got one of the first prescriptions for what is now known as the “Transderm Patch”. That was the “ticket”....we've been on about 85 cruises since, and she has never had motion sickness. So..that's my solution to one objection we hear of going on a cruise vacation.

We get a lot of objections when suggesting this exciting vacation but they are often based on misconceptions about what a cruise vacation is really like. Sometimes they'll have the mental image of the movie “Titanic” and use that as an excuse (of course, there's only been one Titanic!!). Some folks also have the image of eating all the time based on some television show showing the ginormous display of the midnight buffets (which they saw on Love Boat) that they don't have anymore.

Some folks object to what appears at first look the high cost of the trip, forgetting that that cost includes all the meals, all the entertainment, activities and children's programs, educational programs, movies, water sports activities, and some of the newer ships have giant water slides, bumper cars, rock-climbing wall, 9-hole miniature golf course, just to name a few of the things that are available with the cost of the trip. It's certainly good value when compared with an all-inclusive land based vacation.

Nowadays, another fuss about not wanting to cruise is that you have to “dress up” all the time. Back when I first started cruising, that was the accepted norm for with a coat and tie, women with their “Sunday best”. That's not totally true anymore. Most ships still have what they refer to as a couple of “formal” nights on a 7-night cruise, but today's “formal” has a different meaning to most folks as well as most cruise lines. One example: I've even had a guy with a pair of stiff-starched blue jeans, a white cowboy shirt with a kerchief around his neck, and some alligator boots to walk in unopposed to a main dining room on formal night. He looked pretty good, and his wife was dressed up real good too!!! Now, they won't let you go in on formal (or any other night) with flip flops, shorts, t-shirt or a halter, if that's your style, don't despair, the buffet is always open or you can just call for room service (which is also included with the cruise price).

One person said, “I don't want to go on a boat because I can't swim”. I can't understand that logic or 'dislogic'. Do they think they throw you overboard and you swim and keep up with the ship?

Yes, they do have swimming pools on the ship, as well as jacuzzis, and wadding pools, but if you can't swim, they also have floaties that you can use to stay afloat.

Lots of things to do on a cruise. The entertainment package is always outstanding, and if you run out of things to do.....just spend some time out on the deck and “people watch”. Trust's more fun than going to a zoo!!

Notice, there's something to do for everyone, individually or as a family, so take the plunge in 2019 and enjoy a vacation like no other. The experienced travel agents at The Travel Factory have all been on a cruise, several of them, and we get a real kick of being able to sell a cruise vacation because we know the joy and fun they are going to have. Come by our office for an eye-to-eye visit at 4150 Southwest Drive at the Plaza at Park Central between Rosa's and Chick-Fil-A. Or call at 698-1421 or visit our website at We enjoy boosting cruising!!!

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