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Common Sense Travel Tips

travel-778339 Common Sense Travel Tips

There are several things travelers can do when anticipating taking a business trip or a vacation that seem fairly easy but often overlooked in the planning. Most of the time we just get too busy to remember!!

One of those things is remembering to make your reservations early. Airfares are always less expensive when purchased several months in advance. For example, for an Alaska trip this year we made reservations for a couple last September for a trip in July of this year. Their air cost was only a little over $700 at that time. That same reservation made in January increased to over $900.

Another action that produces a lot of stress is leaving too late for the airport. In this day and time, especially if one is leaving from a major airport, checking luggage, going through security, and getting to the gate can take considerable time. I always suggest getting to the airport at least two hours before the scheduled departure. It's always comforting to be waiting for them at the gate to call my boarding number than breathlessly arriving at the gate a minute or two before they close the boarding.

Some folks like my wife are list-makers. That's another way to be prepared to travel. Start making a list of what you want to take with you so that when it comes time to pack, you can save a lot of time and trouble by referring to your packing list.

Speaking of packing, remember that you could wear an outfit more than once. Some folks want to put on a new pair of pants and a clean shirt every day, and for 7 days, that takes up a lot of space in your suitcase. You'd be surprised how few people would remember what you wore yesterday!!! Underwear is a different story, but it takes up very little space too. Another packing tip is to roll up your clothes. I've also done this, and another hint, just leave my dress shirts on a hanger in the plastic bag and fold them up as you put them in the suitcase. When you get to your destination, take them out, give them a good shake, and hang them up and you'd marvel at how little they wrinkled.

Holiday planning requires some serious planning too. Try to plan not to travel on the day or two before the holiday and a day after the holiday.....especially if you are flying. Based on past holiday experience, the airlines know that passengers will be traveling on those days, so they reduce the number of available seats at those discounted prices on those days. So don't expect “cheap” airfare around that time even though you've planned several months ahead. One agent noted that two days before Christmas followed closely by the day after Thanksgiving are the busiest travel days in the year.

I just love booking folks out of our airport here in Abilene, but if you have to leave early in the morning to make a connection in Dallas, then you might want to reconsider. The early departures from Abilene have to be canceled more than the others, so my suggestion is to give us a call at The Travel Factory and let us reserve a room for you near the DFW airport for the night before you are scheduled to leave. We have had a great relationship with this hotel for many years, and for only $79 plus tax you can leave your car, enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the morning, and they will transfer to/from the airport. Heck of a deal and a real stress reliever!!!

The experienced travel agents at The Travel Factory have been advising travelers for a combined 130 plus years of experience, so give us a call when you want to travel. We can be reached at 4150 Southwest Dr. or call at 698-1421, or visit our website:

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