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Airport Tips

Airport tips with The Travel Factory Airport tips with The Travel Factory

Back in 2002, this program started out with the title of Thursday Morning Travel Tips with Russell Berry from The Travel Factory. Well, we will often offer some tips, but mostly it's an opinion or state of the travel business, or a trip that we are promoting. But today, I have some real tips!! I'm more or less copying them from a “Smarter Travel” website titled “Things You Should Never Buy At The Airport”. For example:

“Duty free doesn't necessarily mean a 'good deal'. Most of the time you can purchase what ever at the local Walmart or Target, or on-line.

Consider doing your money exchange at an ATM in the country you are going to or at a local bank that will exchange foreign currency. Here in Abilene, First Financial will exchange, but you need to give them at least 2 weeks to get it done. At the airport, the transaction fees are out of sight.

Have you ever heard of the VAPUR ANTI-BOTTLE? It's a foldable, reusable container. Fill it up with water after going through security and save that $3-$5 bottle of water at the airport “convenience” stores. I've seen them promoted on Amazon.

You can bet those souvenirs purchased at the airport are always going to have a nice mark-up than you could have purchased at the local discount retailer.

Bring your neck pillow from home. The ones at the airport are marked up 20-30% than one purchased at Walmart.

Why do airport restaurants charge more than the local one in the neighborhood just down the street? Operating expenses are higher and they have a captive audience that wants to eat...or drink!!!

Parking at the airport terminal will cost around $17-$20 a day while a parking lot off-site will charge only $8-$10 a day and provide you with round-trip transfers directly to your terminal. Also we have an arrangement with a really nice hotel that will provide you parking, breakfast, and transfers for the cost of the heck of a deal!!

Magazines and newspapers are also items that will typically always cost more from a vendor at the airport than on at your local convenience or mega-store.

Hopefully, if you follow these tips it won't put the vendors at the airport out of business, after all, they do provide jobs (another expense that makes the items cost more!).

Anyway.....many folks are traveling this holiday season, and whether you are traveling or staying at home waiting and looking for that guy with a beard and white suit whose also doing a whole lot of traveling, the travel advisors at The Travel Factory wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2019!! We want your treasury to be so full that you want to fulfill your traveling dreams and we can help you manufacture the reality of those dreams at The Travel Factory, located at 4150 Southwest Drive. You and even call us at 698-1421 or visit our website at

We'll visit with you next year, same time same station; Talk Radio, 1340 on your radio dial!!!

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