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October... National Plan A Cruise Month

October... National Plan A Cruise Month

Did you know?   Who would have thought….but it IS a good idea!!!  The Cruise Lines International Association has declared October to be “National Plan A Cruise Month”.  I am of the opinion that ANY month is a good month to plan a cruise, and the best tip of the day is to allow an experienced professional travel agent help with the plans.  They know the ships and after visiting with you a while will know which ship will match your personality and needs.

Further on that same point, a couple of representatives in the U. S. House of Representatives have introduced a resolution that October be designated as “Cruise Travel Professional Month”.  I’ll even second that motion!!!

A recent American Express travel survey of trends reveals that while a good many consumers prefer to use technology for certain aspects of their trip, a personal touch remains critical in the planning.  In fact, 93% of those surveyed indicated that the value of personal service cannot be replaced by digital technology.

Thankfully, over the years the cruise lines have recognized the value of travel agents, both to the cruise lines as well as to the consumer.  As a result, they have continued to compensate the travel agents for promoting, selling, and servicing their product.  Because they do compensate us, The Travel Factory has, I know for the past 39 years, not charged the consumer for our services when we sell a cruise product.

That’s why it is hard for me to understand why everyone who purchases a cruise doesn’t avail the services of a travel agent.  It doesn’t cost any more to purchase it from a local travel agent than it would if going direct to the cruise line or to an on-line operator.  Then a part of that purchase, in this case, would stay right here in the Abilene economy, plus the consumer would be able to ask as many questions about what to expect as they wanted, and a thankful, live person would help with the answers, before and after the trip.

Speaking of cruises, The Travel Factory is offering some really great group cruise trips next year—a trip to the Motherland and to our 49th and 50th states.  A comprehensive British Isles trip in May that would include ports in Ireland, Scotland, and an option to Normandy; then in July our 22nd tour and cruise of the unbelievable grandeur of Alaska; and finally in early October a visit to the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

You can see a summary of each of these offerings on our web site:  There will be just enough information to get you fired up, so you’ll need to contact us for further details…..after all, that’s what a travel agent is for!!  Call us at 698-1421 or toll-free 800-760-4040; better still, come in for a face-to-face visit at 4150 Southwest Drive, in the Plaza between Rosa’s and Chick-fil-A.

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