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Another Outstanding Cruise Experience

Another Outstanding Cruise Experience

For the life of me, I just can’t see how a person can have a better vacation than at least 7 days on a cruise ship!!!  We just finished our tenth cruise out of Galveston with a bunch of great folks on the Rudy Cruise, this time on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Navigator of the Seas.  Not once did we have to decide “where we gonna eat tonight, honey”; never once did we have to make up our beds or clean our room (and they did it at least twice a day); never once did we lack for something to do, even if it was only getting involved with a novel or two; never once did we wish there was some kind of entertainment available after dinner; I could go on, but that’s the kind of vacation I want to have, a complete getaway from the daily normal back home.

Maybe it was just me, but I’ve heard it from some recent cruisers how pleased they were with the dining presentation and availability on cruise ships.  I certainly can’t complain about this weeks fare; escargot every night, great fish, chicken, steak, and pasta offerings, and the desserts were to die for.  Our waiter and his assistant were Johnny-on-the-spot with suggestions, and if we really liked something, would offer to bring us another entrée or dessert.

I can’t understand it, but some folks just don’t go to the nightly entertainment offered each night after dinner.  Some of the experiences this week were as good as you can get anywhere.  The orchestra was simply outstanding, the song and dance troupe were as good as it gets. It’s just hard to be a really good comedian, but the woman comedian one night, Etta Mae—The Queen of Southern Sass, had us rolling in the aisles.  Oh, and the Motown sound quartet were simply outstanding; our second year to see them and they were still right on!!!

If you are going on a cruise out of Galveston, for sure you will be making a stop in Cozumel……sure enough, for 9 out of the 10 years we have cruised with this group we have enjoyed the shopping, snorkeling, dolphin swimming, and all the other adventures of that port.  We also made a stop at one of the cleanest ports in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman, and probably one of the most affluent since they have over 600 banks in that city.  It was our first exposure to Falmouth, Jamaica.  Royal Caribbean partnered with the Jamaican government to build a new port between Montego Bay and Negril, if you’ve been there, near Runaway Bay.  The port was opened in 2011, but the building and surrounding foliage were very well kept, clean, and there was absolutely no haggling by the vendors.  Some of the other Caribbean ports could learn a lesson from those Jamaica Mons!!!

Some of the folks on our cruise paid only $640 for an inside room for a weeks cruise experience…less than $100 a day for all of that and more.  Like I said at the beginning, you just can’t find a better vacation option!!  So…..give the experienced travel counselors at The Travel Factory a call and let us help you design the perfect vacation just for you that will fit not only your needs but also your pocketbook.  We can be reached at 698-1421 or 800-760-4040.  Our website:

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