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Airline Hassles

Airline Hassles

One writer comments that “airline travel isn’t for the faint of heart these days”.  And that is the truth, based on a lot of testimony from travelers who have been by the office in the past few months to give us a review of their trip.  Airline travel is still the best and fastest way to get from point A to point B, but recently it’s the negative treatment and lack of concern by the airlines that is so irritating.

This person said that we have to deal with delays and cancellations, then there are all the extra fees that we are expected to pay for everything from seat assignments to check bags.  Then there is the security gauntlet that confronts you before you can even get to the gate….and most of those guys and gals are so dour and sad-faced; they should be happy to see us, we are providing them job security.

Another thing that just really gets my goat is what happened yesterday.  We have a client who was returning from Frankfurt to Roanoke with a connection through Philadelphia.  I received a phone call to let me know that his connection to Roanoke had been changed back to his original departure time of 9:10PM.  I received the call at 4:30PM, Abilene time; the client had landed in Philadelphia at 6 PM East Coast time.

There is another hassle that I just cannot understand, especially over the past 3-4 years.  We daily get notices of flight time changes and flight number changes of reservations we have made for our clients.  For example, some of the guests who are traveling to Alaska with us made reservations back in November for flights in July.  Some of those reservations have been changed 8-9 times over the past 7 months.  It might be a minute here, 5 minutes there, flight number 1421 instead of 1423.  ‘Course I’m not in that business, but it just seems to me a useless waste of a lot of folks time.

And how about this?  Several times we have had clients moved to different flights and times altogether.  In other words, they were on a flight leaving at 8AM and were changed to one leaving at 12:30PM……when there was a flight departing to that city at 8:20AM.  Go figure!!!  So we call to see if we can get a more reasonable adjustment, and the first thing we are told by the airline agent is that “the computer” just made the mistake.  Sometimes they will help us; let me say, if we are kind, most of the time we will get what we want to accommodate our clients.

The agents at The Travel Factory do our best to try to take the hassle of air travel out of your hands, but that’s the peril of our business, we certainly can’t control the way the airlines treat our customers.  We hope they are as kind and gentle as we try to be in helping them plan their trips, but we are told it’s not getting much better.  Nevertheless, we encourage a positive attitude when dealing with the ups and downs of travel, and just think that if you were driving there, it take you another 8 hours!!  Give us a call at 698-1421 or 800-760-4040.  We’d love to be of service.

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Thursday October 01, 2020

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