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Travel Agency Questions And Answers

Travel Agency Questions And Answers

A travel agency, if they are a good one, not only sells airline tickets, cruises, car rentals, hotels, and travel insurance, but they also serve as a free library of knowledge of all things travel…..and if they don’t know the answer to the question immediately, they will more often than not, find the answer.

An often-asked question is when is the best time to fly or to purchase an airline ticket.  That’s one of those “depends” questions; depends on when you want to go, how far in advance you are making plans, depends on what day you want to fly, depends on the time of the year you want to travel, depends on your budget.  Generally, the least expensive days to fly are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and some Saturdays.  The more in advance you can make arrangements, the better chance you have of getting the best rate at the time of booking.

There’s a new app out there called “Hopper” that seeks to answer that question for the curious traveler.  It will tell you when you can book a ticket to a specific destination and how to get the best fare.  We’ve had clients who have discovered the best fare on this app, call us, and we book it for them and sell them the ticket.

Another question is in regard to hotel rates. How do I know I’m getting the best deal with a particular hotel, especially with Expedia, Hotline, and all these other on-line agencies advertising that they have the absolutely “best deal”.  Hoteliers would prefer that you go direct to them for your reservations; that way they don’t have to give part of the cost back to the seller.  But many on-line agencies have negotiated rates that are better than going direct to the hotel, however, the location of that room will most likely be in a lesser desirable location in the hotel.  Our agency belongs to a large agency consortium that negotiates rates with chains and individual hotels, and in that negotiation they get the hotel to provide quality room locations for our guests….plus, the rates are attractively discounted.

Here’s a popular question….can I use my frequent flyer awards on this trip? It has been our practice to refer that client to whichever frequent flyer provider they are holding awards on.  Now why?  Every airline awards program is different in many respects.  The award seats are booked in a different inventory.  There are limited awards available on each flight. The frequent flyer desk can answer all those questions and provide availability and mileage required.  The best tip in this regard is to plan way ahead; 8-10 months is not too far out.  And another tip is to use those miles you’ve accrued; they can take them away just as easy as they gave them!!

Another relevant question we get is which is the best travel agency in Abilene?  The easy answer is The Travel Factory.  Now why?  Experience and commitment to service are the primary requisites and that agency scores 100 on both of those factors.

There is over 100 years experience among the four agents; the agency has a history in Abilene of over 66 years.  Call them for any travel need at 698-1421 or 800-760-4040, or they can give you an eye-to-eye appraisal of your travel dreams at 4150 Southwest Dr.

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Friday May 29, 2020