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The Travel Factory employs 4 full time agents with 100 years total experience in the travel industry. Our agents specialize in cruise, tour and resort vacations as well as corporate incentive and school groups. Our mission is to provide the best, most courteous, most detailed, most informative service. Our slogan, "Building vacations to your specifications" says it all.

The Last Frontier

Denali National Park in Alaska Denali National Park in Alaska

We've been fortunate over the past 24 years to enjoy introducing groups to one of the most exciting destinations in the United States......our 49th state....ALASKA!!! If you've listened to our radio show every Thursday on KWKC Talk Radio at 8:07AM with David Bacon, you'll know a little about our excitement when we talk Alaska. We also put the show on our website: under our weekly blog. In fact, you can go to our July 19 show and see a report of this years Alaska trip.

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Alaska. . . Still The Last Frontier!!!!

One of the questions we always get is “aren’t you getting tired of going to Alaska?”.  After getting back last week from our 20th trip to our 49th state, I can honestly say that we do not get tired of going to that beautiful, clean-aired state. . . .primarily because we always see something we haven’t ever seen before, even though in some cases it has been there for quite some time.  And, you might be surprised to know that almost every year, we have had some folks who make a second trip with us, in fact, this year we had some friends who had been to Alaska three times!!!

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