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Alaska Again!!!......For Number 25!!!

Visit-Alaska-Again-with-The-Travel-Factory Visit Alaska Again with The Travel Factory

We've just returned with The Travel Factory Gang group on our 25th time to Alaska....and it was as great as ever!!

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Oh My Goodness, PART 24.....ALASKA 2018!!!

Alaska 2018 With The Travel Factory Alaska 2018 With The Travel Factory Gang

Each year when we return from our outstanding trip with The Travel Factory Gang to Alaska, my blog always starts out the should have been with us!!!

We visited “The Last Frontier” again and it was an exciting trip again, beside all the beautiful scenery and wildlife, our group this year became part of the “1% Club”. That is a club made up of folks who were fortunate enough to see Mt. McKinley (officially now, Denali), and she was wide open all day long; no clouds, no fog, no smoke, just 20,320 feet of her!!!!

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How 'Bout A Little Alaska Weather??

How Bout A Little Alaska Weather? How Bout A Little Alaska Weather?

Just looked at the weather in Alaska today and they were showing at 1PM the temperature to be 60F degrees with 37% humidity. Doesn't that sound inviting? Well, The Travel Factory Gang is going to be going there in about a month, and with 100+ degree weather like this in Abilene, it can't come too soon!!

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You should have been with us!!! We just returned from another fantastic experience to “The Last Frontier”, Alaska, and those who traveled with The Travel Factory Gang enjoyed the chance to see Alaska in all her glory.

Of course, we can't predict what the weather is going to be with any vacation trip, but we can always hope, and picking the right time to visit Alaska gives one the best opportunity to have good weather and good animal sightings. This was our 23rd time to escort/host a group, and we've learned over the years that the last of June and through July gives the vacationer the best chance, weather-wise, to visit our 49th state of the Union. We left on July 3, returned on July 15, and the temperature ranged from 54-65F the entire time. It sprinkled on us one day for a short period of time, and that was no complaints from the participants on this trip because of the weather.

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