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Plan A Cruise Month

Plan-a-Cruise-Month-with-The-Travel-Factory Plan A Cruise A Month

The month of October has typically been designated by the Cruise Lines International Association as “Plan A Cruise Month”. My opinion is that anytime is a good time to plan a cruise, but I can certainly understand why October is such a good time to start those plans.

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Where Can We Travel From Here?

Baltic Sea With The Travel Factory Baltic Sea With The Travel Factory

Back in the late 90's, we started, really by chance, group cruises and tours. Every time we started to book a group the tour operator or cruise line always asked “what do you want to call the group?” So, not being the overly imaginative guy in the room, I usually just said “ just call it The Travel Factory Gang”. That sounded easy to remember and if you imagined, kinda exciting!!!

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Different Approach To Ocean Cruising

Different Approach To Ocean Cruising with Viking Cruises Different Approach To Ocean Cruising with Viking Cruises

Three years ago, the owner of Viking River Cruises made the decision to return to ocean cruising, but with a different model currently employed by the major cruise lines. He took a hint from the popular features of the river cruising business and morphed them into a new concept of ocean cruising.

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