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The Travel Factory employs 4 full time agents with 100 years total experience in the travel industry. Our agents specialize in cruise, tour and resort vacations as well as corporate incentive and school groups. Our mission is to provide the best, most courteous, most detailed, most informative service. Our slogan, "Building vacations to your specifications" says it all.

Do You Speak "Airline"?

Do You Speak Airline? Do You Speak Airline?

I'll occasionally tell folks, when they are talking about taking a cruise, if you didn't have to get there and get back, cruising would be wonderful. It's getting to the ports and returning that makes a lot of folks reluctant to take that great, relaxing vacation.

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Cruises and Airlines, Airlines and Cruises

Cruises-and-Airlines-The-Travel-Factory Cruises and Airlines

The symbiotic nature of cruise lines and airlines is and has been slowly becoming not so cozy as in the early beginnings of both travel industries.  The airlines have had a toehold on people getting from point A to point B and beyond for many years, but since the late 70’s have enjoyed the benefit of additional passengers trying to get to cruise ports. Early on in their existence, the cruise lines depended heavily on the airlines getting their guests to the departure ports. What resulted was an arms length but workable, cooperative relationship that made both of them money while providing the guests a seamless vacation. 

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