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Why Travel Insurance?

Why Travel Insurance?

A couple of months ago Viking Cruises put on a promotion that absolutely seemed too good to be true. The “hook” was that airfare from DFW to Amsterdam and from Basel or Zurich back to DFW was only $100 for coach class. What a deal!!! The rest of the story was that full payment for the cruise and air had to be paid by the end of that month. Oh, did I say that the cruise was not taking place until November 25, 2017?!!......20 months before sailing.!!! I sold it as a “travel investment” really couldn't make that much money with a CD investment during that time, and look what you exciting cruise down the Rhine with Christmas Markets at every port!!

That far in advance, the question always came up whether they should take insurance on that “investment”. That's a question we get every day when selling a vacation. Every personal and family situation is different but it really boils down to the current and history of health of your family and the amount of money you would lose if you have to cancel.

There are so many uncertainties in life and even though someone is in excellent health today, in 3 months, they could be in a life-threatening situation health wise. We have had several situations just like that in the past few years, and I was so grateful that in those dire situations, those clients had taken insurance that enabled them to get their money back after canceling.

Most travel insurance policies carry coverage for lost or damaged luggage; after all, luggage needs a vacation too!! But when one can go to a store and buy replacement clothing and toiletries, (just be sure and keep the receipts),having this kind of coverage can help with peace of mind as you travel.

One of the features of most travel insurance policies is the “emergency evacuation & repatriation of remains” clause. That coverage protects the family if someone has a fatal heart attack or stroke while traveling and the remains need to be sent back to their home. That is quite an expensive proposition for loved ones to have to bear. Depending on the policy, but most of that kind of coverage has limits of $100,000-$500,000.

Another favorite coverage item in travel insurance is coverage in case the travelers have a connection issue with their flights; weather, cancellation, mechanical, pilot rest, you name it. Having this kind of coverage often helps cover some of the cost associated with these unexpected problems.

Some policies are issued with coverage if you have to cancel-for-any-reason. They often have the caveat that the refund will be forthcoming less any flight cancellation charges or other fees, so you have to really read the small print on the cancel-for-any reason travel insurance.

Smart travelers always go with good travel insurance, travel assistance services, and emergency services. Traveling with peace of mind does come with a price, and in many cases, it's worth it.

Oh, and by the way, that Rhine River cruise promotion in Nov. 25, 2017 is still in effect. I just called them today and you too can take a memory-making, bucket list trip on the Rhine River for only $100 round-trip airfare from DFW. Call The Travel Factory today and let us fill you in on the details...and we'll even quote you what it would cost for insurance on your “travel investment”. We are at 698-1421 or 800-760-4040; drop in at 4150 Southwest Drive, or visit our web site where you can see pictures and a flyer of the trip:

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