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How Do You Like Those Dratted "Resort Fees"????

How Do You Like Those Dratted Resort Fees? How Do You Like Those Dratted Resort Fees?

One travel writer commented that those mandatory resort fees that have cropped up all over the nation, especially in Las Vegas, New York and other resort communities are a “rip off”.

Lots of other travelers have been fussing about it too. So much so that the House of Representatives House Bill 4489 has been submitted which aims to “prohibit unfair and deceptive advertising of rates for hotel rooms and other places of short-term lodging”. Of course the American Society of Travel Advisors has come out in support of this bill. They mentioned that according to a newspaper report, there was no companion bill in the Senate yet, but efforts were underway to get similar legislation filed as soon as possible.

I remember when they first started this practice I was arguing with a resort agent who reminded me that there was a resort fee of $20 a day that was not included but due at check-out. I'd never heard of that, so I asked what in the world is that for. They said that it was for the phone charges, morning newspaper, bottled water, WiFi, use of their pools and other miscellaneous items. I reminded them that they were using their cell phones, didn't ever read the paper, and didn't need any bottled water and couldn't swim. Nevertheless, they kept the charge on there.

Often the “resort fees”, cleaning fees, or facility fees are listed on the hotel bill when you get ready to check out of the hotel, but never mentioned in the booking phase. Some say that these hidden fees are now found at almost every hotel surrounding Walt Disney World, Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip.

A spokesman from ASTA said that a consumer research study done in 2017 that 61% of consumers opposed altogether the practice of hotels adding mandatory resort fees on top of advertised rates. As recent at August 1, the MGM Resorts International raised their resort fees $6 a night to their high-end properties along the Strip. That means that a guest pays an extra $45 a night on top of the room rate.

Some say that these resort fees could generate an extra $50 million a year for the company!!!

I would say that to be consumer friendly, the hotels and resorts should go ahead and “police” themselves instead of having to be forced to by legislation. Instead of the hidden resort fees that are so surprising, just go ahead and raise the cost of the room and let the chips fall where they may. If all of them do that then the consumer will know what their budget is going to be when they make a reservation. What's so complicated about that?

So, the next time you want to make a hotel or resort reservation, remember to remind the reservationist or travel agent that you want a “transparent” quote.....that is the room rate, the tax and the per night “resort fee”. That way you'll know what your budget needs to be.

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