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Hawaii...Our 50th State...A Great Place To Visit

Visit Hawaii - Napali Coast - The Travel Factory Visit Hawaii - Napali Coast with the Travel Factory

Just this past week, I had some folks come by for a visit and ask me where was I planning on taking a group in 2021. I hadn't totally thought about it much, except for the fact that I already had planned on taking a group back to the Holy Land in March of 2021, and we had planned to take a group on Viking's brand new ship, the Viking Venus to the British Isles in August of 2021. On both of those we have folks who have been very wise and made reservations already to go with us; wise because planning early makes sure you get on and not left behind wishing you had “pulled the trigger” earlier.

But their visit got me to thinking......and I asked them, have you ever been to Hawaii? They said no, and I told them that if they ever planned to go to that beautiful state, the very best way to see it is by taking a cruise of that state. That way one gets to see all four islands and on two of them the ship stays in the harbor overnight, so they get 2 full days on Maui and Kauai. They said that they wanted to go with The Travel Factory Gang because they didn't have to do anything but pay for it...I had to do all the work!!!

If you wanted to see all four islands, without going on a ship, you would have to stay at least 2-3 days on each island rent a car, unpack and pack at a hotel, go to the airport and fly to the next island, rent another car, etc. Seeing the Hawaiian Islands in this fashion would absolutely wear you out?!!!

Pack and unpack, pack and unpack.....Yuck!!!

Norwegian Cruise Line is the only cruise line that has permission from the U. S. government and the state of Hawaii to have a ship permanently cruising the islands.....the ship, the Pride of America. You would board in Honolulu, cruise over to Maui for 2 days and 1 night, then to the big island of Hawaii and stay for a day in Hilo and a day in Kona, then up to the northern-most island of Kauai where you would stay for another 2 days and one night; you only have to unpack and pack once!

Other cruise lines do have cruises to the islands, however they have to leave from a port on the U. S.mainland like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego, then cruise for 5 days to the islands. They do visit each island, but the visits are typically 6-8 hours and that's it....they have to move on, then after visiting all the islands they have to cruise back those 5 more days back to the mainland....all in all it's a 15-day trip, mostly on the ship.

If you make the reservations to go to Hawaii on the Song of America, my suggestion has always been to consider going to Honolulu two days before you get on the ship. In this fashion you have a chance to see the sights in and around the island of you will sorta get accustomed to the 5-hour time difference. There are some great sites to visit on this island like Pearl Harbor, USS Missouri, and Punchbowl, Polynesian Cultural Center, the North Shore, and the beautiful beaches that surround Honolulu.

Another plus in taking a cruise is you don't have to hunt for a good place to eat.....or what to do that night. There are several dining options on the ship and the entertainment is outstanding....the last time on her my group got to hear the Jersey Boys for an hour or so....what a show!!! Prenez le médicament Kamagra Oral Jelly - suivant la prescription de votre médecin. Prenez-le avec un grand verre d'eau.

So.....if you're looking for an absolutely wonderful vacation experience right here in the United States, this option will not disappoint, you don't have to have a passport or a visa!!. It's a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or retirement. Come by The Travel Factory at 4150 Southwest Drive and allow the experienced travel advisors give you some good advice about this fantastic trip. Or call us at 69-1421...and A-L-O-H-A!!

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