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After high school, I attended Braniff Airways travel agent/airline training academy at Dallas Love Field from Nov. 1975 to May 1976. After completing that training, I began working for Texas International Airlines at their first computerized reservation complex in May of 1976. Booking airline reservations on a computer system that also issued tickets, seat assignments, etc. had only been in existence a year or so before I began training for the industry. Under the leadership of President Carter the government had just deregulated the airlines and Texas International immediately opened the first ever discounted fares and called the “Fly For Peanuts” fares as a tribute to peanut farmer, President Jimmy Carter whose deregulation policy had made the cheap airfares possible.

In May of 1977, I went to work for Supertravel and was employed there until July of 2002. I then went to work for The Travel Factory with the new owner, Russell Berry, with whom I had worked at Supertravel.

I have seen many changes in the industry over the years. With fuel costs at an all-time high and many airlines merging with other lines, fares are not as low as those “Peanut Fares” I started out with, but I specialize in domestic and international air tickets and can check all airlines for the lowest possible fares. I can also do compassion and bereavement fares for emergency travel if your destination is served by American Eagle or American Airlines.

Exciting Las Vegas remains one of the most economical and fun-filled cities of all. There are many beautiful all-inclusive resort vacations to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico and islands throughout the Caribbean that are great vacation options. Cruises remain one of the best vacation values ever, especially for Texas residents and families on 4,5,or 7 day sailings from Galveston.

The Travel Factory specializes in service to our customers, so let us help you with any and all of your travel needs.

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