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Early family life was spent in a military family with my dad stationed in Germany, and as a result of that experience, and also having German relatives, I grew up with German as my first language. Thankfully I am still fluent in that language.

Upon graduation from high school, I briefly attended East Carolina University and then completed degree plans for being a certified travel agent at a local junior college. Soon after graduation, I went to work for American Airlines in Cary, North Carolina in 1989. My responsibility was in reservations, and soon became an assistant supervisor. I was encouraged to take training classes that led to being an assistant instructor.

My husband and I moved to Texas, and I went to work as a travel agent. In 17 years in Abilene, I have worked at two agencies, managing one of them before several agencies merged. We moved to England for a few years, then upon returning to Abilene I began working at The Travel Factory in February, 2003.

I feel very confident in directing my clients to such vacation locations in the Caribbean and Mexico along with family travel to Disney. I also specialize in honeymoons and second honeymoons. I’ve also been blessed in helping to arrange mission and humanitarian groups for universities and churches to many destinations around the world.

Another specialty is dealing with my corporate clients who trust my judgment and expertise in arranging their business and personal travel.

Give me the opportunity to be of service and I’m confident you will find it is so much easier to allow an experienced travel agent take the travel planning worries off of your mind. We specialize in service at The Travel Factory.

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